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Citizens Guiding Coburg's Development Code Update
Citizens Guiding Coburg's Development Code Update
Development Codes dictate how land is divided and used. Coburg has updated theirs and wants you to learn more about it.

For almost a year, the community of Coburg has been engaged in a project to update its outdated Development Code. This includes zoning and subdivision rules addressing things like lot size, parking, street standards and the types of uses that can be developed (and where). Stakeholders and other members of the public have been invited to participate. This "Virtual Open House" presents yet another opportunity to learn about, and comment on, Development Code Updates. Please review the available materials (under Topic Details) and provide comments at your convenience. This virtual work session is intended to either augment or substitute attendance at a physical community meeting which will be held at Coburg City Hall on November 2nd at 7:00 pm. The content shared at both will be essentially identical.

More Info:
Coburg Development Code Update Draft 2.2
Question 1 Resource: Code Organization
Question 2 Resource A: Lot Size Code Updates
Question 2 Resource B: More Discussion of Lot Size (including survey results and visuals)
Question 4 Resource A: Accessory Dwelling Units (code updates and discussion)
Question 4 Resource B: Single Family Attached Units (code updates and discussion)
Question 4 Resource C: Cottage Housing (code updates and discussion)
Question 5 Resource A: Mixed Use (code updates)
Question 5 Resource B: Discussion of Mixed Use in Coburg
Question 6 Resource A : Parking (code updates)
Question 6 Resource B : Discussion of Parking in Coburg
Coburg Code Update Evaluation Memorandum
Coburg's Code Update -- At a Glance
Coburg Development Code Update Matrix
Coburg Code Update Community Outreach and Engagement Plan
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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