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Guide the Current Update of Coburg's Development Code
Guide the Current Update of Coburg's Development Code
As a resident or stakeholder of Coburg, what are your views on Coburg's Development Code (including proposed changes)
Guide the Current Update of Coburg's Development Code

The City of Coburg has seized an opportunity to utilize Oregon Transportation And Growth Management (TGM) Program support and help from the Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) to make updates to the City's Development Code. The City has identified 19 issues for code update consideration. The City and LCOG, working with the Planning Commission and stakeholders, have prepared an evaluation of those issues and a number of draft code update concepts (available under "Topic Details"). The Code Update Team need resident's and stakeholder help in determining how to proceed. This "Virtual Public Worksession" is one opportunity to provide such feedback. Please review the presentation, review the materials (under the "Topic Details") and complete the 13 questions.

More Info:
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