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Proposed MTIP Amendments: TPC March 21, 2018
Proposed MTIP Amendments: TPC March 21, 2018
Proposed MTIP Amendments - comment period open through March 20, 2018

The following three proposed amendments to the FY18-21 MTIP will be considered by the Transportation Planning Committee (TPC) at their meeting on March 21, 2018 at LCOG 5th Floor Buford Room, 859 Willamette Street, Eugene, OR. The meeting is from 3:00PM - 5:00PM.

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I. Revision to Amendment Approved by TPC January 2018 (20121, 21261; ODOT)

In a January amendment TPC approved moving $3,166,115 from CN of 20121 to add new project 21261 along with $250k additional funds split from Region 2 Preservation Projects Development 18614. Estimates coming in well over programmed amounts have resulted in ODOT now wanting to move $3,146,115 back to CN of 20121 leaving $20,000 of the original split amount for 21261 right of way acquisition.

20121 – OR569: Roosevelt Blvd – Coburg Rd (Eugene)
Description: Remove raveling surface and inlay or overlay travel lanes, and ramps as needed.
Total Project Est.: $6,367,000 (Fix-It)
Add $3,146,115 back to CN of this project from Key #21261, for a new total of $9,207,115 for CN and new total project estimate of $9,513,315

21261 – OR569: W. 11th St. – Roosevelt Blvd. (Eugene)
Description: Design for future rehabilitation of pavement from mile point 3.1 to 4.38 and ADA work.
Total Project Est.: $3,386,115 (Fix-It)
Split $3,146,115 from CN back to Key #20121, for a new total of $0 for CN and a new total project estimate of $270,000

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II. Add Funds back to Existing Project (19743, ODOT)

In February, TPC approved an ODOT project amendment that included splitting $483,503 from CN of 19743 to go back to ODOT’s fund pool to be eventually used to add a CN phase to 21292. Due to an unanticipatedly high consultant’s estimate, ODOT would like to return the full $483,503 to CN of 19743.

19743 - OR126: Cornerstone Dr. to Terry St.
Description: Repave highway and make miscellaneous safety improvements
Total Project Est.: $8,344,000 (Fix-It/Enhance)
Add $483,503 to CN from ODOT fund pool for a new total of $7,183,503 for CN and a new total project estimate of $8,827,503

21292 - OR126: Greenhill Rd. to W 11th.
Description: Complete preliminary engineering and right of way purchase for future construction
Total Project Est.: $698,000 (Fix-It/Enhance)
$483,503 are no longer being reserved to help fund future CN phase of this project

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III. Add Funds to Existing Project (18576, ODOT)

Add a total of $700k (Fix-It (BR)) from non MTIP projects 20731 and 18591 to 18576 for Preliminary Engineering and Construction. Cancel Right of Way Acquisition, and slip Construction year to federal fiscal year 2019.

18576 – OR569: SCS Canal & Union Pacific Railroad bridge
Description: Rail; seismic reinforcement; deck overlay; joints; concrete repair; spot paint; BR #09460
Total Project Est.: $1,167,000 (NHPP, Fix-It (BR))
Increase funding for PE (from $104k to $500k)
Increase funding for CN (from $1.052M to $1.367M)
Cancel RW phase (-$11k, Fix-It (BR)) and move funds to PE and CN
Slip CN year from FFY 18 to FFY 19
Amended total project estimate is $1,867,000

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