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Public Comment Period: Oregon Department of Transportation Draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Mode Plan
Public Comment Period: Oregon Department of Transportation Draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Mode Plan
The Oregon Department of Transportation has released the Draft Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is a Statewide Policy Plan and serves as an element of the Oregon Transportation Plan (OTP), which covers all modes of transportation in the state of Oregon. This Plan supports decision-making for walking and biking investments, strategies, and programs that can help bring an interconnected, robust, efficient, and safe transportation system for Oregon. Prioritization of needs and selection of walkway and bikeway projects are developed in processes that follow Plan adoption and will use the framework this Plan provides.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan’s vision follows:

In Oregon, people of all ages, incomes, and abilities can access destinations in urban and rural areas on safe, well-connected biking and walking routes. People can enjoy Oregon’s scenic beauty by walking and biking on a transportation system that respects the needs of its users and their sense of safety. Bicycle and pedestrian networks are recognized as integral, interconnected elements of the Oregon transportation system that contribute to our diverse and vibrant communities and the health and quality of life enjoyed by Oregonians.

The Plan creates a framework for making decisions and trade-offs, based on the challenges and opportunities Oregon faces today and will likely face in the future. To be effective, statewide policy plans need to be realistic about current and future funding levels and need to function within current laws. While the Plan is not intended to create a map of the bicycle and pedestrian network or develop new design guidance, this Plan is meant to guide the state through these types of future efforts such as prioritizing projects, developing design guidance, collecting important data, and other activities that support walking and biking in Oregon.

The public comment period is open November 13th through February 18th. Once the comment period closes, comments will be forwarded to the Plan’s Policy Advisory Committee for consideration and will be provided in the February Oregon Transportation Commission agenda packet. To provide comments on the Draft Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, email them to ORBikePedPlan@odot.state.or.us.

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Draft Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Mode Plan

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