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Public Hearing and Public Comment Period for Draft FY18-21 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP)
Public Hearing and Public Comment Period for Draft FY18-21 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP)
Public comment regarding draft FY18-21 MTIP

Federal legislation requires that the MPO adopt an updated MTIP at least every four years. MTIPs in Oregon are typically adopted every two years, keeping with the two-year cycle used by the Oregon Department of Transportation for the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). MPC adopted the MPO’s 15-18 MTIP in October, 2014. It describes short term transportation priorities funded and to be undertaken in FY15-18. The list of transportation projects included in the MTIP details project phases, funding, and timelines within the MPO overthe four year horizon of the Program.

Under Federal law, the MTIP must be updated to be consistent with the planning period for the State’s Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP). The draft FY18-21 STIP is currently available for public review and is anticipated for adoption in September 2017. Once the FY18-21 STIP is adopted, only those project phases that are included in the new STIP will be able to receive federal funding. The MPO must therefore maintain consistency between the STIP and MTIP and will ensure that the MTIP project list is provided to ODOT for inclusion in the new STIP. Project phases that are already under contract prior to adoption of the new MTIP and STIP do not have to be included in the new MTIP or STIP.

A significant part of the update of the MTIP involves developing the new project list. It must be updated to reflect completed projects, remove projects no longer programmed within the MTIP horizon, add new projects funded and programmed within the planning horizon, modify existing programmed project scopes, costs, etc., and other considerations.

The MTIP financial constraint analysis must also be updated to reflect committed revenue during the first two years of the new planning horizon, and reasonably expected revenue during the third and fourth years of the MTIP. The draft FY18-21 MTIP contains a table that lists the expenditures expected by each jurisdiction over the four years of the MTIP.

It should be noted that the draft FY18-21 MTIP does not include any new MPO discretionary funding commitments or decisions by the MPO at this time. All of the projects contained in the draft project list either reflect prior funding decisions by the MPO (such as previously completed Surface Transportation Block Grant Program for Urban Areas (STBG-U) funding processes), or funding decisions that occur outside the MPO process (such as federal appropriations) that must be included in the MTIP.

Aside from the draft project list and accompanying maps and summary financial tables, the draft FY18-21 MTIP remains unchanged aside from updated references to dates, federal legislation, etc. as needed throughout the text.

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